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Auditing Services

Auditing Services

According to Section 122 company ordinance of Hong Kong, every company incorporated in Hong Kong need to prepare her financial statement and being audited by a Certified Public Accountants (Practising) annually. The first audit report shall be presented to the shareholders in AGM with 18 months after incorporation.

Our firm is providing you the services of preparing audit report according to legal requirements in Hong Kong. Audit report is not just a simple financial report, we will also investigate the potential threat the company may have and provide professional consultant opinion about the problem to our clients. With the suggestion, companies can have better risk management for their potential business risk.

Base on the financial and accounting report, we will provide you an overall business evaluation. Our accountants have experience of many different industries and they can provide many professional suggestions for your business operation.

Special Audits

  • Company investigations on irregularities
  • Company valuation and due diligent audit
  • Internal audit and operational review
  • Special audit for acquisitions and mergers